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Art At The Log Cabin

Brian gets bored on a rainy winter day so he takes off to paint something at the Log Cabin. Enjoy this cabin insight from an artist's point of view, all while listening to one of his original compositions played on the 1930's piano.

Christmas at Gramma's Cupboard

Grace & Brian decide to record themselves as they put up Christmas decorations at Gramma's Cupboard. It didn't snow that day... but they quickly fixed that to their liking.

You Don't Like Snow? We Like Snow!

Grace & Brian let loose in the snow.

Heroine Music Video

A video created by Brian & Grace for Jamez Halliday's  beautifully melancholic song 'Heroine', is a peaceful and emotional journey filmed at the Nolichuckey Bluffs' back forests and river coasts.

Garden Pests at the Hoop House

Brian A.K.A. Konutko Mishako gets on a sort of serious mood and takes us to the hoop house to share a gardening lesson about pests in an organic setting.

Tragic Snow Man Loss

Brian realizes his snowman is now gone.

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