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How to plan a wedding
(without going crazy)

Your guests arrive.
They've traveled long distances to celebrate with you and are in a unique destination wedding location.
This is a time to make wonderful memories with family and friends.
So how do you make sure that is exactly what happens?
Well, worry you not. Weddings is what we do and so we give you 7 simple tips to make your wedding checklist fun and the planning magical instead of chaotic and stressful. And after being a destination wedding venue for over 15 years, trust us, we've seen it all.

how to plan a wedding
7 Tips for the Bride and Groom on Wedding Planning

Tip #1 Save the date but always leave room for improvisation. You can evade a lot of the stress that comes with having an outdoor ceremony just by embracing the weather instead of fighting it.  Of course we all hope for gorgeous bright and beautiful days but if that doesn’t happen, it’s okay.  Pack back-ups and just in cases like rain boots, umbrellas, tarps to cover electronics and towels to dry seats. You'll be happy if you don't need to use them and relieved if you have them.

Tip #2. Remember, you’re creating memories that everyone can remember. Make it fun. Family and friends will relax and be okay when Aunt Jen’s heel gets stuck in the grass as she walks down the aisle.  It will be one of those unforgettable memories that make your wedding celebration and reception special. 

Tip #3. Pick a simple color palette. Create a look by design and not by mistake. You can browse websites like pinterest for floral ideas and choose a beautiful wedding color palette for dresses and decorations. Give your whole wedding a harmonious look.

Tip #4. Communicate your vision early to your coordinator and vendors, and then trust them to implement it. On the day of your celebration, you don’t have time to give directions and need to be getting your hair done, not doing the decorating.


Tip #5. Hire a photographer that is right for you and not just the "most recommended" one on the search engines. You want a photographer that can really capture the essence of your wedding day – both the poignant moments and the playful silly ones too.

Tip #6. What's your wedding song? When the WIFI speaker dies and the bestman can't figure out how to fix the music thingy. What's your song?  There is that one song all your friends know by heart and it is your bridesmaids and groomsmen responsibility to get everybody singing as you walk the aisle. I don't know about you but happy people impromptu singing is music to the ears.

Tip #7. Relax & Enjoy. If the catering company misses a turn, you can order pizza. If the rings are missing, borrow someone's for the ceremony. If the bride is running behind, guests can wait.

Your guests are here to celebrate with you and you're gathered together with your loved ones. Take a deep breath and remember that this is the happiest of days.

Relax. Enjoy.

Whatever happens will happen but Love will prevail.

Plan your destination wedding at

the Bluffs


Celebrate love by planning your complete destination wedding in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Our East Tennessee Chapel offers the perfect harmony of casual elegance and rustic simplicity with panoramic vistas of the Nolichuckey River and surrounding mountains. 


For the happy couple and guests, our Bed & Breakfast experience features private amenity-filled cabins, delicious home cooked breakfasts, and a wonderful family-centered atmosphere all nestled in the natural beauty of East Tennessee and the historic town of Greeneville.

unique destination wedding location
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