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Breakfast is complimentary and it is served at 9:oo am Sunday through Friday. Call ahead to make a reservation.

Pam & Debra prepare delicious pastries, blueberry pancakes, home-made granola, egg casseroles, fresh fruit and more.

Check with us to find out what we have available this season.


You can stop by for a home made ice-cream sundae on a Summer afternoon. Brooke’s homemade flavors include vanilla-bean, oreo cookie, maple walnut, coffee, swiss chocolate, and strawberry.

And don't forget to try Pam's new vegan flavors such as vanilla-cashew, chocolate berry, and banana cream! Top your sundae with Pat’s homemade carmel and chocolate sauces. Yum! The Sadler’s started making homemade ice cream while living on the island of Sri Lanka at a school called Lakpahana. Ask any of the student’s from that school what they remember most about Pat and Brooke and they say, “Saturday night ice-cream feeds!”

add pam's homemade ice cream reservation to your stay

Gramma’s Cupboard also offers you a unique tour of the world as you see all Pat and Brooke’s collectables from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and many other countries. Kids also love to see Brooke’s model train running on a track suspended from the ceiling, and Pat’s doll collection.


At Gramma’s Cupboard, also check out the Library which includes booke, dvds, videos, and table games, the Laundry facilities, and a small gift shop with homemade jams and jellies for sale.

“The breakfasts served in Grandma's Pantry were delicious and were surpassed only by the friendliness of the owners. They went out of their way to make sure that we were comfortable and suggested local sights to see as well as nearby restaurants.” Read more

“Spent the weekend in Twin Oaks cabin with a wonderful view over the Nolichuckey River with perfect weather. Breakfast in the morning on Sat and Sun was home cooked and served with a smile and great conversation. Wish we had more time to explore the area.”

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“Although we wanted to sleep in the next morning and wouldn't be able to go to the main cabin for breakfast.. a very generous offer to drop off cinnamon rolls and eggs was made by the owner. I have found Heaven in Greene County!.”

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