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It takes a village

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I have no idea who raised Nola or the life she lived before Nolichuckey Bluffs. I do know someone must have loved her, and how she was cared for when a pup has certainly defined her.  

When she arrived at Nolichuckey Bluffs, Nola tested positive for heartworm. At that time, it didn't seem financially feasible to undertake the very expensive treatment. However, I had three professionals staying onsite in two cabins - Allen, Glyn, and Margaret. All three had become attached to this "new husky that never leaves Nolichuckey Bluffs."   

I was in turmoil trying to decide what to do when they reached out to me and offered to help pay for the treatment. Together, we gave her the care that she needed which included 17 weeks of boarding because she chewed through 3 metal crates in 2 days when left alone in my cabin!

Most expensive free dog ever!

It takes a village. But when you love, no cost required is too much.

Right now, everyone around us needs a little extra care. Show compassion ... even while social distancing.  

Pick up the phone and check on those you love.

Be Well!


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