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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Many know the story. Some don't.  When Nola the husky joined the Nolichuckey Bluffs Family ... and me ... she chose us.

For three days in a row, she ran over ten miles from the other side of Greeneville to be at Nolichuckey Bluffs B&B Cabins.  A lady had recently rescued her, but she kept opening the doors and escaping.  She would arrive at Nolichuckey Bluffs and sit patiently at Gramma's Cupboard waiting for me to appear.  And once I did, she never left my side.

Nola seemed to intuitively know Nolichuckey Bluffs and she stayed within its boundaries and never left me. Even today, six years later, if I leave property, Nola lays down in the front yard of Gramma's Cupboard and waits for me.  Upon my return, I'm greeted every time like the most important human in her life.

Loyalty. Never to be taken for granted. Always non-judgemental.

May we all be loyal in this world to who matters and what matters.


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