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To obey or not to obey

Weddings in the rain are not something Nola enjoys too much.  On a normal day with a wedding at the Bluffs, Nola sits patiently on my golf cart tucked into the woods and out of sight of the cameras. 

She’s content to watch from a distance and in silence. 

However, there are some storms – especially those with thunder – that make Nola defy all common sense and just seek shelter.  It’s at these times that no matter how I command, plead, or coax, that she’s just not going to listen. 

And so she saunters down the walkway in front of the bride.  Or she lays down right in between the bride and groom.  Or she chooses to personally greet each guest seated for the wedding ceremony.

I used to become really anxious when this happened.  But now I’ve learned, there are times when the mind is set and no coaxing is going to change her. 

I can hear the wheels turning in Nola’s mind, “just relax Mom.  I got this.  THIS is where I wanna be and I’m staying.”

And I surrender. 


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