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Nola says No More!

When you have a big heart, the tribe seems to expand.

In december of 2020, Alice the shepherd mix arrived. She's the smartest girl ever but young and full of energy. She's convicted her job is to "herd" Nola into the woods, and alert when the FedEx driver tries to leave his truck to deliver a package at Gramma's Cupboard.

And then Mr. Wells came along. Saved from animal control at the beginning of the pandemic. They said he was a she. But she isn't! So HIS name is Maxwell, but we call him Mr. Wells. He's a beautiful long-haired black and white kitty who loves to play with anything that will move ... including Alice's tail. And it's quite precious to find Alice and Mr. Wells curled up together sound to sleep inside her crate. Wacky Macky was the man of the house for a long time, and wasn't too thrilled to have another male kitty in the house. Finally now the two boys are best of buds.

There you have it ..... Nola, Alice, Wacky Macky, Mr. Wells.

How did that happen?

No More I say.

No. More.

And Nola agrees, but just shakes her head, rolls her eyes and walks off.


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