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Getting Old is Hard Work

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

When Nola arrived at Nolichuckey Bluffs, she would chase every squirrel, rabbit, deer, (and the occasional chicken) spotted. Today, she simply watches them from her spot on the front porch. Alice on the other hand, charges every squirrel she sees only to have no idea what to do when she actually gets close enough to chomp the poor creature in her jaws.

Nola groans as she rises from her warm soft bed at the mention of a ‘hot dog’ and Alice leaps to her feet and charges for the door unable to be still.

And then the walks. Nola used to be way out in front exploring every smell and noting each animal that had crossed the trail in the last twenty-four hours. Now I find her lagging behind and need to say the occasional “you can do it.”

Like most rescued four-legged companions, I really have no idea how old Nola truly is. So when scheduled to take her to the veterinary office for a routine check-up, I was a bit nervous. I am definitely not handling Nola aging very well. OK, let’s be serious, I am definitely not handling Pam aging very well. Aging is hard work. The knees buckle. The back hurts. Naps come more frequently.

So when Dr. Vicki told me Nola is in excellent health, I was delighted.

EXCEPT she said Nola was FAT and needed to go on a DIET.

A diet?

Nola on a diet?

I can ration her food (I guess) but she’ll just go find the latest roadkill and feast.


But here we are....

One less hotdog every evening.

Food measured nightly.

A little less canned scrumptiousness.

Yep,….. getting old IS NOT FUN!


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