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The Healing of Gardening

There's something magical about growing edible plants. An unexpected fulfillment as we become part of nature's cycle. Caring for a seed f and then obtaining a seed again from the very thing you've grown. A reminder that life is meant to go on and you're to take part in this miraculous process.

But farming is not all romanticism. It gets messy, you bruise up, get stung by bugs and get your hands and clothes very, very dirty. Yet the beauty of it all can make up for all the cuts you accumulate each growing season.

The visual beauty of flowers, the scents of the herbs hitting you as the gentle breeze caused by a butterfly flies near one's face. Some of those moments seem to play out in slow motion.  It's sort of reminder and highlighter that no matter how many human distractions there might be to stress us out, this moment we live in is book marked by nature.

It all sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it? Making a big fuss about growing some veggies in the ground. But anyone who has ever eaten a carrot right outa the ground, picked a big ripe tomato off the vine, or popped a juicy blackberry in their mouth knows! And if you haven't had that experience, it's time to try gardening! And then be sure to tell me when you know what a kohlrabi tastes like!

If you'd like to check out our soup recipe made from veggies grown in our garden visit the previous post.

Garden Location at Nolichuckey Bluffs

Photography by Konutko


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