August 31, 2017

We love our community and enjoy the beauty every time we go for a ride around town.

August 23, 2017

A 30 minute drive from Nolichuckey Bluffs and you'll find yousrelf in the heart of Paint Creek and at the end of the road, well the road continues... The French Broad River meets Paint Creek with a breathtaking view.

July 11, 2017

Paint Creek is an unbelievably beautiful park, filled with waterfalls, mountain views and wild life. Check out our little trip to these awesome spots last fall.

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The forces will align

Maybe it's because of the Nolichuckey Bluffs location, or maybe it's because people know I am a sucker for animals, but I've rescued and rehomed 5 dogs in the last few years. Two have gone to cabin guests who came to breakfast morning one determined NOT to take a doggie and then on their final day, drove off property with doggie in the car.  LOVE LOVE LOVE

Nola is amazing with these creatures.  I can see her head spinning when an eager misbehaving dog comes along. "Oh we go again .... somethings going to get destroyed .... trouble's coming."  

She puts up with the rough play.  Demonstrates to the new doggies what the commands mean, "go potty"  a favorite.  Poor girl does her best to squat and dribble repeatedly until the new doggie gets the point.

She comforts quickly the first time doggies race in front of the golf cart after a squirrel only to connect with the cart wheels.  My vet doesn't even ask questions anymore.  LOL

The last doggie was a strong willed shepherd mix.  Younger and stronger than Nola and very very rambunctious.  Nola, ever submissive, didn't appear to want to take on this young whipper snapper. And then it happened.  Three weeks into the rescue, and after a long romp in the park with the new doggie on the leash and Nola not. Nola came at the doggie full force and made it known SHE was the alpha dog.  And suddenly the two were buddies.

When something is coming at you full force, and you know you can't defeat it, step away.  

Wait until it's contained ... a clear boundary set ... and then face it full on, with all you've got.  

The forces will align, and tranquility returns.

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